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Instant Cash and Check® Card

Want more convenience?  Get our Instant Cash & Check card.  It is faster than checks and safer than cash.
The Instant Cash & Check card works just like your checkbook without writing a check.  The check/debit card looks like a credit card but works like a check because the purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account.  The card also provides you with access to cash when used at an ATM.

The VISA® symbol on your Instant Cash & Check card means your card will be accepted at millions of merchants worldwide.  Many businesses that no longer accept checks will allow you to pay with your check/debit card.  Use the card to pay for your purchases at grocers, restaurants, gas stations, convenience and department stores – even for internet and phone purchases.  Pay your bills such as utilities, insurance, internet access, and health club dues with your Instant Cash & Check card over the phone or online.  You save time and avoid mail delays and late fees.

At a retail location a merchant may offer two options for payment with your Instant Cash & Check card:

You can swipe your card and sign a sales receipt for your purchase like a credit card using “Credit”.  Some merchants only offer this option.

At participating retailers, after swiping your card, you can use your card’s assigned PIN and get cash back when you make a purchase.  This payment option uses “Debit”.

You can use our card to get cash at ATMs worldwide.  First Minnetonka City Bank is now part of the MoneyPass® surcharge-free ATM network.  MoneyPass offers more than 23,000 ATMs coast to coast giving you surcharge-free access to your money where you live, work or travel. For more information on MoneyPass, including the locations nearest you, visit   For even greater convenience, you can access the mobile MoneyPass website at or download locator apps for your iPhone or Droid.  You can make deposits at either of our ATM locations or at any of those listed on the MoneyPass ATM locator as accepting deposits.  If any ATM you are using permits transfers, you may use the card to transfer funds between your First Minnetonka City Bank accounts that are linked to your card.

No check writing means there’s no need to carry a checkbook or multiple forms of identification.  You’ll receive a receipt when you use your Instant Cash & Check card to make a purchase or ATM transaction.  All the transaction details will be listed on your monthly checking account statement, making your record keeping easier.

The Instant Cash & Check card is the one card to carry for convenience, acceptance and simplicity.  For more information, contact us.

See Electronic Fund Transfers Disclosure for details.

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