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Investment Center

Services: Customized Investment Portfolio and Review

Our investment professionals focus on serving the investment needs of individuals, corporate executives, and business owners.

Our investment professionals are committed to providing every client with the highest degree of professionalism and information. We deliver our investment process and service with reliability, accountability, and integrity.

As a FMIC client, you will receive a customized investment plan. Our investment professionals help you set your own investment goals and objectives and to choose the investments suitable for your situation.

We manage portfolios and service clients by way of a Four Step Investment Process, which strives to maximize returns without incurring undue risk.

FMIC Four Step Process

  1. Determine your needs, financial goals, and investment objectives through a comprehensive series of questions and data compilation.

  2. Formulate a customized asset allocation portfolio based on short, intermediate, and long-term investment goals and objectives.

  3. Select and manage investments.

  4. Monitor performance through regular portfolio reviews.

Step 4 is important to help your investment portfolio stay the course and achieve your goals. Our investment professionals meet directly with you no less than annually or more frequently, if you prefer. During this meeting, you will review portfolio performance and make any adjustments as necessary.

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First Minnetonka Investment Center is a registered branch of LaSalle St. Securities, LLC.
Securities are offered through LaSalle St. Securities, LLC., Advisory Services offered through LaSalle St. Investment Advisors, LLC.
 LaSalle St. Investment Advisors, LLC is affiliated with LaSalle St. Securities, LLC.- a registered broker/dealer.
Tam Hubert, CFP® and Kristi Remus are registered representatives of LaSalle St. Securities, LLC.
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Enforce the Fair Housing Act and other civil rights laws to ensure the right of equal housing opportunity and free and fair housing choice without discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or family composition.

Major Goals

1. Reduce discrimination in housing by doubling the Title VIII case load by the end of 2000 through aggressive enforcement of civil rights and fair housing laws;

2. Promote geographic mobility for low-income and minority households;

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