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At First Minnetonka Investment Center (FMIC), we believe everyone needs and deserves a high quality financial plan.    Now, through the use of a financial planning software program called Moneyguide Pro™, we can provide this planning experience for every client. 

Using up-to date investment values, MoneyGuidePro allows you to interactively see how key assumptions affect your plan results, and provides a confidence measure for meeting your long term goals.  If you are in your Confidence Zone, you can feel good about your financial future.  But we all know the future is uncertain, and the assumptions you make today may be wrong.  It’s easy for you to see how changes in key financial factors like inflation, Social Security benefits, life expectancy, pension benefits, returns and health care cost – those you can’t control – could affect your Probability of Success of meeting your goals.

An additional feature, Play Zone®, is designed specifically for you.  Play Zone® makes it fun and easy to try new possibilities for those things you can control.  For example, you can quickly see how retiring early will impact your Probability of Success , compared to the Recommended Scenario given.  Play Zone® and other features are shared with you online via MoneyGuidePro’s SMART portal link below.  You must contact us to be set up to access this portal.

How does this help you?

We’ll provide you with action steps you need to head in the right direction.   Whether you are considering college, retirement, estate, social security or insurance planning, start today by calling Tam at 952-465-0323 to schedule your no cost, no obligation appointment.

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